Madonna’s New Music Leaks

Madonna's Rebel Heart Album

Madonna’s New Album, Rebel Heart Album, drops in March, 2015.

Recently, Madonna has be the talk of the town in the music world, especially in regards to her music leak that occurred a couple of weeks ago.  After the leak, she had an interview with Billboard, discussing her album Rebel Heart, all of which will be released in March through Interscope Records.  To the singer’s dismay, ten of her songs from the album from demo recordings swarmed the internet on a tuesday night, placing a panic on her and her team to recover all the stolen tracks from the new album that has not yet been finished.

In her interview, Madonna told Billboard all about her new album, including her applauded new single, “Living for Love.”  She spoke about the personality aspect of her album, saying “It’s kind of like the old me and the new me all mixed together,” (Caulfield, Madonna on New Rebellious and Romantic Music), later exclaiming how Rebel Heart integrated, “the rebellious, renegade side of me, and the romantic side of me.  In my mind, it was almost like i wanted to do a two-record set,” (Caulfield, Madonna on New Rebellious and Romantic Music).

When asked how she was doing, Madonna unsurprisingly told Billboard how tired she was, and that the music industry has changed a lot since all of the increasing use of technology (especially the internet).  In regard to the leak itself, Madonna was not pleased, saying:

“I mean, you know, I’m not happy that unreleased demos are out there in the world for people to hear, listen, judge, etcetera, etcetera.  Once that happened we went into overdrive.  A) Tyring to figure out where the leaks were coming from, and then B) Trying to combat that with putting out finished music that people could focus on versus demos that were never meant for anyone to hear.  So, that led to no sleep,” (Caulfield, Madonna on New Rebellious and Romantic Music).

Though the leaks were unexpected, there was an overall positive outlook on Madonna’s new album, especially “Living for Love.”

Billboard asked Madonna about the different incarnations of the song, to which she replied, “We knew we wanted to make a dance record.  But you know, there’s so many different levels of dance music and even different categories of house music.  So it was really like, what’s the bass line gonna sound like?” (Caulfield, Madonna on New Rebellious and Romantic Music). Madonna went on to say that she wanted the single to have a sound that was timeless, something that could be played for every generation and wouldn’t go out of style.

Overall, the critiques of Madonna’s leaks were positive, and Madonna, though tired and a little stressed out, seemed to be okay at what happened and ready for whatever comes her way.  Afterall, she is the queen of pop.  If you want to read more about Madonna’s interview with Billboard, here is a link to the article.

from Ari Kellen | Musical Minded


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