Celebrities Pour Into NYC

Celebrities converged on New York City this weekend as there were many events taking place across the five boroughs. It was the NBA’s All-Star weekend the past three days as tributes to the game’s greats popped up all over the city. From the celebrity game to the skills competition NBA Stars took part in the festivities with smiles. Coinciding with fashion week in New York, the NBA put on its own fashion show with some of the games best current players at the center of the runway. Players could also be seen supporting their sponsors stores across town, driving a frenzy into the retailers’ spacesLeBron+James+Celebrity+Sightings+New+York+xrpOZa3t2sul.

Also this weekend was the SNL40 reunion, celebrating the 40 years that Saturday Night Live has been on the air. Comedic, musical, and acting royalty were seen flying into town in preparation for the big night. Names such as Paul McCartney, Kanye West, Kevin Hart, Paul Simon, Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning, and Justin Timberlake among others graced the stage at studio 8h.

Of most celebrities that were present in the city limits over the weekend, Kanye West seemed to be the most active throughout the festivities. On Thursday night Kanye released his clothing line, looking similar to the Dereliqued campaign from Zoolander. Along with the clothing line, a major shoe release took place as well. Limiting his first 1,500 pair of Yeezy Boosts to the New York city faithful, Kanye opened reservation on Thursday night to those who wanted to grab hold of the big sneakers. He later held a free concert in the Flatiron District for all the faithful who wished to brave the cold. Come Saturday Kanye was seen handing out sneakers to his fans at the Adidas store in Soho. Sunday Mr. West was present in the audience for SNL40 where he also performed.

Yes there were many famous faces to be seen in the city this weekend, far more than usual. Now that the holiday break is winding down many will leave to go back to their home cities, but you never know who will pop up in NYC when you are walking down the street so keep your head up when in the mecca.

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SNL Musicians Shine

Last night marked the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic TV shows for generations of comedy lovers, music fans, and pop culture buffs. Saturday Night Live recollected the good times across the past 40 seasons including all the incredible musicians that have hosted, and performed in studio 8h.

Since the beginning of the show 40 years ago, comedy and music have been intertwined with an intermission given to a musical guest during every edition. Last night the three-hour spectacle did not deviate from that form with multiple performances from today’s most notable artists, along with DG SNL 40yesterdays legends.

To begin the show, Steven Martin touched on all the types of talent who have walked across 8h’s stage. When referencing musical artists he was joined by Miley Cyrus, and soon there after, Sir Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. The two Pauls then broke into song, simultaneously strumming their guitars to the tune of “I’ve Just Seen A Face”.

Keeping to their organic musical roots, SNL’s own Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler performed their own original digital short that highlighted how actors will break characters and begin to laugh during skits. Samberg is the leader of the digital short group “Lonely Island” who have left us in stitches for years after their departure from the show.

Kanye West made an appearance, performing “Jesus Walks” laying on his back on the SNL stage. Always the artist, West showed his creativity in the performance that was capped by his newest track “Wolves” with SIa and Vic Mensa. Kanye played the role of a good sport as the musical critics in the skit, Waynes World, targeted him in some well natured jokes.

Artist Taylor Swift also made an appearance in one of the skits showing her versatility as a singer and actress. It seems that musicians have been following in each others footsteps across generations to play in the fun of SNL.

To cap the night, Paul Simon closed the ceremony with “Still Crazy After All These Years” with the help of the SNL house band behind him.

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Top Wine Destinations In The World

Many have been exploring their hometown vineyards to taste what locally grown grapes can produce. Visiting a vineyard is a wonderful experience where patrons can enjoy bottles of red or white while looking out over the gorgeous scenery usually associated with such places. After getting the feel for what an amazing wine tour experience can be, take a look at the most amazing win travel destinations where you can drink the best wine in the most beautiful places.

The Finger Lakes

Often overlooked, upstate New York has much to offer in wine categories. In particular the region has countyroad12_overlook_fallhistorically produced incredible Riesling. Over 100 wineries comprise the land mass surrounding the lakes. If some of your travel companions are not terrible inclined to drinking wine, the region also has impeccable micro-brewed beer.


On the border of Switzerland and France, this region of Italy sits on the mountainous top of the Italian boot. Drink wine while gazing above at the mysterious Alps, and spend the night in charming cottages across the countryside.

Hawkes Bay

Fans of Syrah, this may your destination. The variety is quickly becoming the area’s flagship wine. New Zealand offers incredible agricultural landscape as well as offering visitors to feel like they’re drinking wine in the general area of Westeros (filming location of Game Of Thrones).


Not just for kids! The city has some hitting power when it comes to food and drinks. Being able to find your favorite wine and vintage is not a problem after a long day at the amusement park.


Located in Spain’s northwest corridor, this area was originally settled by Celts and Visigoths providing with a rich culture.Spanish countrysides welcome visitors looking to tour and taste the local vintage as well as the impressive, fresh seafood.


British Columbia is known for having rich soil and beautiful mountains. It is no wonder it finds itself on Okanagan_Lake_from_the_Naramata_Bench_(7631780744)the list of the top vineyard destinations in the world. Looking for something more than just wine tasting? This region is home to many water sports, as well as outdoor activities.

Loire Valley

Carved by the river that bears its name, the valley hosts many gorgeous vinyards set to the landscape of the French countryside. Only an hour and a half from Paris by train this is the birthplace of the classic French cuisine we all know of today. A product of the bursts of enlightenment from the 1500s.

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NBA All-Star Weekend

With the biggest weekend in basketball in the mecca of the sport, New York City, all of the hype to catch high flying dunks, deep three point shots and the stars on one court.

Not only is the game in New York City, it will be a multi borough event taking place at Unknownboth the Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden. Expect to see all the celebrities courtside wearing the all star themed sneakers and shoes which are being released this weekend.

As for the events of the weekend. Everyone’s patience is running out in anticipation for the three point and dunk contests. This years three point contest is star studded with unbelievable talent including the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, James Harden, Kyle Korver, Wesley Matthews, and Kyrie Irving. All the explosive talent is going to give the fans something to cheer about, this years three point contest will take place at the Barclays Center along with the dunk contest. This year’s dunk contest always has the buzz around it but this years three point contest is expected to cause more attention.

As always though, the all star game will take center stage at the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. We will be seeing all of the regulars from LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony all the way to the upcoming stars of the league such as Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis. This years weekend is turning into New York City into a playground with NBA events all over the city. New Yorker’s are loving all of the great transformations the NBA is giving the city.

Leading vote getter this year LeBron James explains how honored he is to be playing with such great talent on the biggest stage in the world. This weekend should live up to the expectations, especially the three point and dunk contest. Tune in this Saturday February 14th around 7PM EST to catch all the action.

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