SNL Musicians Shine

Last night marked the 40th anniversary of one of the most iconic TV shows for generations of comedy lovers, music fans, and pop culture buffs. Saturday Night Live recollected the good times across the past 40 seasons including all the incredible musicians that have hosted, and performed in studio 8h.

Since the beginning of the show 40 years ago, comedy and music have been intertwined with an intermission given to a musical guest during every edition. Last night the three-hour spectacle did not deviate from that form with multiple performances from today’s most notable artists, along with DG SNL 40yesterdays legends.

To begin the show, Steven Martin touched on all the types of talent who have walked across 8h’s stage. When referencing musical artists he was joined by Miley Cyrus, and soon there after, Sir Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. The two Pauls then broke into song, simultaneously strumming their guitars to the tune of “I’ve Just Seen A Face”.

Keeping to their organic musical roots, SNL’s own Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler performed their own original digital short that highlighted how actors will break characters and begin to laugh during skits. Samberg is the leader of the digital short group “Lonely Island” who have left us in stitches for years after their departure from the show.

Kanye West made an appearance, performing “Jesus Walks” laying on his back on the SNL stage. Always the artist, West showed his creativity in the performance that was capped by his newest track “Wolves” with SIa and Vic Mensa. Kanye played the role of a good sport as the musical critics in the skit, Waynes World, targeted him in some well natured jokes.

Artist Taylor Swift also made an appearance in one of the skits showing her versatility as a singer and actress. It seems that musicians have been following in each others footsteps across generations to play in the fun of SNL.

To cap the night, Paul Simon closed the ceremony with “Still Crazy After All These Years” with the help of the SNL house band behind him.

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from Ari Kellen | Musical Minded


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