Ultra Music

Since 1999, Ultra Music Festival has lit up downtown Miami with lights, pyrotechnics, fireworks and lasers. As now one of the largest music festivals in the country, UMF ushers electronic dance music fans from all over the world to the city of Miami where attendees enjoy some of the hottest acts in the scene in one of the hottest city in the country.Unknown

While popularity and attendance for Ultra has grown since 1999, when it was just a 1 day festival, so to have concerns for the safety of both attendees and South Florida residents. For many years, there had been numerous reports of drug overdoses and acts of violence that occurred through the festivals run. In 2014, for example, an attendee died from a drug overdose and a festival security guard was trampled to death by gate-crashers.

Thankfully, this year saw a much calmer and safer Ultra Music Festival and the efforts of Ultra’s security department, headed by a former Miami police chief, and the Miami Police Department, are to credit for that. Many Ultra attendees are also content with the enforcement of an age restriction policy that makes the festival adult only. Many feel that having underage attendees only increases the risk of dangerous incidents and increases the rampant drug use – the claim is that those under 18 are more willing to use and abuse drugs while at the festival.

What is certain is that the Miami Police Department and other emergency services were alert, ready and ultimately satisfied with the lower number of arrests and serious emergency cases compared to previous years. Ultra Music Festival organizers and Miami emergency services representatives are looking to meet soon to go over the points that made this year’s music festival a safer one. The goal is to implement whatever works for next year’s festival while fixing any current flaws.

Want to know another thing that was certain about this year’s Ultra Music Festival? Skrillex’s set on Sunday night was amazing!

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Experiential Travel

Experiential travel is a term that should almost be assumed having the word “travel” in it. Visiting new places is about the experience one has while there, along with the people they meet. In our age of experience sharing it has become a trend to showcase what others in different parts of the world can do.ras_5453

Once upon a time, travelling meant taking pictures in front of the aesthetic sights to be seen around the world. A deeper version of experience travel is the connections that can be made throughout a journey between fellow travellers or with the local people and culture. A tip for how travelers can get closer to the communities you are visiting is to adopt the practice of “going local”.

One way to get a grasp on how a culture operates and interacts is through their food. Take a cooking class, that way you can have a deeper insight into the food that makes their culture special and where the best places to eat are (usually locals only). It is not only a wonderful way to bond with local inhabitants, but also bring a skill, not just a souvenir home from a distant land.

Tourist traps are a real and present doom everywhere you go. Think about your local tourist hot spot where you are from. The food is not quite as good, the people are all not from the area, and it is usually crowded and stinky. Apply this knowledge to your vacation travel and get off the beaten tourist path to find the hidden gems that never get old for the locals.

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Collapsed Building in NYC East Village

Many around the country have heard about the tragic gas explosion that caused fires, as well as two buildings to collapsed. Many buildings were damaged in the historic East Village neighborhood including the residency of a New York City Mayor, as well as a vintage clothing store from a popular 1985 film called Desperately Seeking Susan. The affected buildings were given landmark status in October of 2012, along with an umbrella coverage of the East Village and Lower East Side Historic District.east-village-building-collapse-1-3262015_lg

The buildings within the neighborhood can be dated back to the mid 1850’s when New Yorkers with more money were selling property downtown to move up town. The ensuing properties were then turned into tenant living quarters. The community has seen a vast array of cultures and ethnicities. Immigrants began to pour into the city limits and the East Village in particular during the late 1800’s. I was considered for a time to be “Little Germany”.

The site of the explosion once had a house belonging to Mayor Fernando Wood. In a New York Times article there was a collection of musicians in front of the plot “serenading” near the mayor’s residence, this occurring in 1855.

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Tiger Woods Unsure For Masters

It is hard to believe as we in the north east are still living in freezing temperatures that The Masters will be played in eight days. Thats right eight days away. The Masters is one of the most coveted and watched golf competition of the year featuring the most talented crop of athletes the sport has to offer. With the tournament being just over a week away, one of, if not the most well known golfer has his appearance being questioned.Chevron World Challenge - Final Round

Tiger Woods has gone on sabbatical from the PGA tour which has accounted for 50 days away from competition. Adding at least 12 more days to his leave, Tiger announced he will not be playing in Shell’s Houston Open. With no competitive golf to have his game warmed up, many think that he will also be passing on the opportunity to compete in this years Masters. Tiger has not won a major since 2008, and The Masters since 2005. In total, he has collected 4 wins at the tournament but not in a decade has he been fitted for a new green jacket.

Nobody can say for sure what Tiger will decide as he weighs his options for participation. The golf icon participating has a significant effect on viewership and ticket sales so it will be interesting to see how the next week will play out.

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Blurred Sampling Lines

There were no blurred lines in court when a Los Angeles jury awarded the family of deceased singer-songwriter Marvin Gaye a $7.4 million dollar verdict after it was found that Robin Thicke and Pharrell William’s 2013 smash hit, “Blurred Lines,” sampled Gaye’s hit song, “Got to Give it Up” (1977). Thicke and Williams have been ordered to pay $1.7 and 1.6 million respectively to Gaye’s family and an additional $4 million, all of which covers profit loss and damages. “Blurred Lines” grossed $16 million in profit, netting both artist a total of about $5 million each. Rapper T.I., who was featured in the song, video, and live performances, and their record company do not owe the Gaye family anything.robin-thicke-7.7.2014

The case, which joins the ranks of cases that have shaken up the recording industry in the last few years, was argued by lawyer Richard S. Busch from Nashville, Tennessee. A partner in the firm, King & Ballow, Busch believes that his status as an outsider in music industry and place of origin set him apart. Inspired by a line taken from the film, “The Devil’s Advocate” (1997), Busch identifies with Al Pacino, playing Satan playing a lawyer, who credits his success to catching people by surprise. “They don’t see me coming,” Pacino tells Keanu Reeves’ character. Likewise, Busch claims his victory is in large part due to him taking Mr. Thicke and Mr. Williams by surprised, joking that they perhaps asked themselves “Who’s this guy from Nashville, Tenn.?”

Marvin Gaye’s former wife, Janis Gaye, supports Busch’s claim to being a relative outsider, as it is one of the reasons that the Gaye family decided to hire Busch. But Richard Busch’s outsider status may be coming an end following the decision delivered in this case, which is said to be one of the largest damages awards for a music copyright case. What else sets this case apart? How public it has been is particularly interesting. In many similar cases, much is settled before even nearing a courtroom, an example of this includes Grammy-winning singer Sam Smith settling to add Tom Petty as one of the co-writers for “Stay With Me,” for which he won a Grammy in 2015, after Petty argued that it sounded like his song, “I Won’t Back Down” (1989).

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Boxing Show Down

Boxing is a sport that has been lost to the evolution of excitement provided by things such as MMA and UFC. But the sweet science is not dead yet. There has not been a fight as anticipated within the boxing ring since heavyweights collided in the Holyfield Tyson saga. On May 2, 2015 the welterweight champion of the world will be crowned after the long awaited showdown between the two most prolific boxers of our era.floyd_mayweather_vs_manny_pacquiao

Pound for pound Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “Pac-man” Pacquiao are considered to two of the best ever. Both promoters are considering this face-off to be the largest event in boxing history. While the histrionics of the event are yet to be realized, the money that is on the table for the winner and loser are most definitely at the top of the all-time lists. The two fighters will split an estimated $200 million with Pac-man taking $80 and Mayweather bringing home a whopping $120 million.

Purse totals are dependant on how the tickets sell for TV and live seats. With projections estimating the fight will sell out for the live viewing and set records on TV, it is safe to say people are willing to pay to see the biggest boxing event since Mayweather fought Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, the hype of which pales in comparison to this long awaited bout.

The MGM Grand plans to sell an estimated 250 tickets with the cheapest seat going for $5,400. Floor seats, right next to the action will most likely start at $7,500 face value and are being projected to be sold for $28,000 on the secondary market. This type of high profile pricing and hype may be just what boxing needs to rejuvenate its aging public appearance.

Be sure to find a friend who is buying the fight on pay-per-view or head to a bar or restaurant to see the action! It is sure to be an experience for the books.

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Startups For Travel

Love to travel but also have an inclination for responsibility? A few new startups are pioneering a different way to travel for those who are focused on things other than just arriving at their destination.


This platform is a way for travelers to connect with fitness instructors where they are for any given amount of time. For the fitness-oriented bunch that hates taking days off, this is a great way for them to find yoga instructors, cycling classes and weigh the experience based on past users.


In a world where we have all become more eco-friendly, travelling in a way that has the least impact on the environment has become a top priority for many. For travellers looking to stay in “green” hotels, this is a way to find exactly that. The platform will list hotels and ranks them in order of their “green rating”.


For those looking to travel to Bhutan, this is a way to navigate the booking process that comes with a visit to the area. The steps to obtain a visa and bypass government roadblocks are difficult to those who are unfamiliar with the process, this is a way to ease the headache a tourist might encounter.


There are so many booking platforms on the web in today’s internet, it leaves a traveller spending hours sifting through sites to find the best deal in the best location. Orbirental is an app that aims to simplify the booking process and find you the best deal no matter the platform it lives on. Scanning sites such as Airbnb, Someway, and ARBO, this app plans on streamlining the process in order to increase response time, increase occupancy and user experience.

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NYC Half Marathon Winners

This past weekend hundreds of runners lined up at the starting line in Central Park to embark on the 13.1 mile journey that is the New York City half Marathon. From amateur runners to professionals, the streets were packed with those intent on crossing the finish line, whether it be sprinting across, or crawling. In the men’s division, a dramatic finish concluded the race as two men, Leonard Korir, and Stephen Sambu sprinted towards the tape.

The two are countrymen, residing in Kenya, and training together all year. Korir out-edged his friend Sambu by oneStephen+Sambu+2015+United+Airlines+NYC+Half+lbrFt6Wd86ml second to finish in 1 hour 1 minute and 6 seconds. Korir’s sprint proved to be enough as he caught the longtime leader of the race in the final seconds. A little known runner, Korir was not featured as one of the projected front pack leaders in the pre-race biographies. He embraced the anonymity on his final stretch as he sprinted as fast as possible to earn the number 1 finished.

In the womens division, a Providence, Rhode Island resident became the first American woman to win the NYC half marathon in it’s decade long existence. Molly Huddle finished the 13.1 mile trek in 1:08:31 finishing 11 seconds ahead of second place. When asked whether or not winning the race was her goal from the beginning Huddled noted she was purely trying to run the best time she could. The outcome of her winter training was enough to put her in a position to win towards the end of the race, and that was when he goals changed from completing the race as fast as possible to winning.

When questioned about their intentions to run the NYC Marathon the two winners had different answers for the NY Times. While the male winner, Korir stated he would not be training or participating in the Marathon, Huddle was not as decisive. We may be seeing the half marathon winner attempt the sweep of the city in the full marathon later this year! Stay tuned to find out if she will run.

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Best Days to Travel

Love to travel but hate to shell out an absurd amount of money to get to your destination? Buying a plane ticket has its tips and tricks along with every other aspect of travelling. Many travel experts will tell you that the golden period to buy a ticket is three months prior to your planned dates. This rule does not apply to every region of travel though. Below is a list of destinations that can be travelled to and the amount of time you prior you should book your flights.

North America-2 weeks priorAirplane- Travel- Ari Kellen
Central America- 3 months prior
Africa- 2 months prior
Asia- 7 months prior
Carribean- 4 months prior
Europe- 1 month prior
South America- 5 months prior
Middle East- 5 months prior
South Pacific- 3 months prior

Travel days matter as well when looking for rates. It is safe to assume that most people travelling short distances will want to take a weekend and leave Friday afternoon, while returning Sunday night or Monday morning. Airlines are smart and hike rates for rush hour days and times. If you are planning on flying long distance try to book a flight for the middle of the week (Thursday is best), and return in the middle of the week (between Tuesday and Thursday). If you are trying to leave in those in demand times, see the list below to manage your costs on certain days.

North America- leave Wednesday- return Tuesday
Central America- leave Thursday- return Tuesday
Africa- leave Monday- return Thursday
Asia- leave Tuesday- return Tuesday
Caribbean- leave Thursday- return Thursday
Europe- leave Thursday- return Sunday
South America- leave Thursday-return Monday
Middle East- leave Wednesday- return Monday
South Pacific- leave Tuesday- return Wednesday

In order to find and compare prices side-by-side check out Kayak.

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Top NYC Twitter Accounts

Living in the city and looking for the latest news on the place you call home? Maybe you are looking for a laugh or just intellectual stimulation. If you find yourself asking any of these questions and own a Twitter account, you are in luck because below there are some of the best New York City specific Twitter accounts that you can follow. Do not believe me? See for yourself.

New York Times with a twist. This parody is aimed toward a younger crowd with some poking of fun.

Once upon a time in 2009 a cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo. Worried about where he is? Do not worry, he is on Twitter

Looking for the best and worst eats? This guy will tell you. The Times’ has him on their pay sheet as a restaurant critic.

Find out what all the tourists who visit our city really think of it.

Witty street artist fancies himself the cooler version of Banksy, and I agree. This guy is known for putting Tom Hanks heads on Banksy works.

Get the updates while you are waiting for the MTA to make you late for work.

Comedy writer for Saturday Night Live, The Onion, and Funny or Die. It is safe to say he might be able to make you laugh.

Anthony captures some of the best pictures you will see of NYC. Well worth a follow, at the very least a scroll through his work.

You already know why.

Really funny and insightful, this guy is one of a kind. Its me. I am Ari Kellen.

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