Ultra Music

Since 1999, Ultra Music Festival has lit up downtown Miami with lights, pyrotechnics, fireworks and lasers. As now one of the largest music festivals in the country, UMF ushers electronic dance music fans from all over the world to the city of Miami where attendees enjoy some of the hottest acts in the scene in one of the hottest city in the country.Unknown

While popularity and attendance for Ultra has grown since 1999, when it was just a 1 day festival, so to have concerns for the safety of both attendees and South Florida residents. For many years, there had been numerous reports of drug overdoses and acts of violence that occurred through the festivals run. In 2014, for example, an attendee died from a drug overdose and a festival security guard was trampled to death by gate-crashers.

Thankfully, this year saw a much calmer and safer Ultra Music Festival and the efforts of Ultra’s security department, headed by a former Miami police chief, and the Miami Police Department, are to credit for that. Many Ultra attendees are also content with the enforcement of an age restriction policy that makes the festival adult only. Many feel that having underage attendees only increases the risk of dangerous incidents and increases the rampant drug use – the claim is that those under 18 are more willing to use and abuse drugs while at the festival.

What is certain is that the Miami Police Department and other emergency services were alert, ready and ultimately satisfied with the lower number of arrests and serious emergency cases compared to previous years. Ultra Music Festival organizers and Miami emergency services representatives are looking to meet soon to go over the points that made this year’s music festival a safer one. The goal is to implement whatever works for next year’s festival while fixing any current flaws.

Want to know another thing that was certain about this year’s Ultra Music Festival? Skrillex’s set on Sunday night was amazing!

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