Rock and Roll, Not Just For Kids

Rock and Roll has been widely considered to be a music of a young generation. In the late 1960s it was pegged as a teenage musical movement. Every generation has one of course. As a source of rebellion towards authority. But what was widely considered to be common knowledge for decades may turn out to be a fallacy.Beatles

Teenagers did love rock and roll, it defined their youth and still is blasted by all the members of the Boomer generation I can think of. But what was once thought as music that their parents turned their noses up to, is now being brought into question. It turns out the older folks of the time, who are often portrayed as buzz-kills telling children to “turn that racket off”, were listening and enjoying as well.

TIME was the original magazine to publish the demographic target of teenagers back in 1965 for rock. Now they are speaking to the elders who, in vast majority, said, “Yeah we liked it, it was awesome”(not a real quote).

Record labels were said to know of this adult “underground” of rock and roll fans from looking at their sales and numbers over the years. Folks who grew up listening to the likes of Elvis Presley never outgrew him, but enjoyed rock and roll as well. This does not surprise this writer as I have seen first hand how one can enjoy music of the past and present, even a mixture of the two.

Some interesting facts from research is that in today’s day and age, primarily teen targeted music is consumed by people over 20, 40% of the total consumption market. This goes to show that the “music of the youth” might be purely a facade as everyone enjoys good music no matter age, or time of release.

To read the original TIME article, click here.


from Ari Kellen | Musical Minded


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