No Tebow This Spring

When Tim Tebow signed on with the Mets for a minor league contract late last year, it was hard to understand.  Was it a whimper from a football has-been to regain relevance?  Were the Mets trying to generate publicity?  Either way, here’s how it went: Mets fans spent a day laughing about it on Facebook, then apart from the occasional amused head-shake everybody stopped caring.  

While many have questioned Tebow’s decision to move from being a football has-been to a baseball nobody, he’s defended his decision, saying that it was something he wanted to do, since it would be a fun challenge.  But he went on to play for a minor league Mets team, and it wasn’t terribly bad, but it wasn’t great.  With spring training coming up soon, people were wondering if Tebow would receive an invite, even if they knew deep down in their heart that it wasn’t going to happen.  He didn’t.  Instead, he’ll be starting in the minor league camp, as was expected.  Nonetheless, this is probably a disappointment to Terry Collins, who has said before that he wanted to see Tebow at spring training.  

Although Tebow didn’t get an invitation, the Mets did invite RHP Chase Bradford, catcher Xorge Carrillo, LHP PJ Conlon, infielder Phillip Evans, infielder Luis Guilllorme, RHP Kevin McGowan, LHP David Roseboom, RHP Paul Sewald, infielder Dominic Smith, outfielder Champ Stuart, outfielder Travis Taijeron, RHP Corey Taylor and RHP Logan Taylor.  

If you’d like to learn more, you can click here!

from Ari Kellen | Sports


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